PUBLICATION VIERING VAN ONTKENNING OF HET ONBESTEMD EXOTISCHE In collaboration with Dutch graphic designer TeuntjeFleur I put together this publication which will help you to understand the project in a much richer and deeper way. Though it will not explain the project directly, it shares my visual and textual scietific tatters of research next to my personal notes. A poem that I wrote to understand the processes I was surrounded with will lead you from cover to cover. Myself I see this publication as a work that enables you to dive in my research for as long as you like. History, emotions, archive material and contemporary art finds eachother in one booklet. With this publication I hope to add even a little bit more understanding of the outcomes due to colonial pasts in personal lives. This book has its focus on Indo's and Moluccans in The Netherlands. Not just so but because I find myself in the middle of those three etnicities. 
 Please sent me an email if you are interested in the book. Costs: 35 euro (exl.shipping costs)